How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color | Wig Coloring Techniques

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color | Wig Coloring Techniques

When selecting a human hair wig, it is essential to consider not only the natural look but also the beauty it offers. Besides the hair texture, the hair color also plays an important role too! In this article, we will focus on some primary hair coloring techniques such as pure color, highlight color, ombre color, and balayage etc. This guide will help you choose the most suitable color for your face shape and skin tone, ensuring you find the perfect wig.

1. Pure Color Hair (Single Tone)

    • Pure hair color wigs have a consistent, uniform shade throughout. They maintain a single color from roots to tips for a classic look. Common pure colors include:
      • Natural Color Hair - Deep, rich black color (Usually refer to #1B, the natural color hair is unprocessed, which makes the hair more durable and last longer than other colors) that appears natural and sophisticated. Suits any skin tone, classic and elegant look, perfect for daily wear and formal occasions. It may looks monotonous if not styled properly.
        Black Straight Hair Glueless Wig, Wear and Go Wigs Pre Cut HD Lace

        • Blonde Hair -  Like platinum blonde ( Also known as #613 bleach blonde which is the most popular blonde color, you can dye or DIY with a #613 hair ), ash blonde, honey blonde #27 etc., blonde hair color can brighten the look, enhances eye color, offers versatile styling and a wide range of shades, provides a youthful and fashionable appearance and boosts confidence with low maintenance options.
          #613 Platinum Blonde Straight Human Hair 4x4 Lace Closure Wig

          • Brown Hair - Brown hair colors provide a natural and versatile appearance that complements various skin tones. The popular brown hair colors like Chocolate Brown (#2), Dark Brown (#4), Medium Brown (#6), Light Brown (#8),  Caramel Brown (#10). They require less maintenance, add depth and dimension, and can be easily styled for different looks. Brown shades also enhance natural features and offer a professional, sophisticated look, making them a timeless and classic choice.
            dark brown straight human hair wig #4
          • There are also other pure hair colors like auburn, copper red, ginger, reddish brown, burgundy (#99j or wine color) etc. These popular single hair colors offer a diverse range of options to suit various styles, skin tones, and preferences, there's always a shade to match your desired look.

        2. Highlight Color Hair

        • Highlights invole adding lighter strands to the darker base color to finer sections of the hair. The highlights can reduce the chroma difference between darker hair color and your skin tone to enhance the natural appearance of the wig and brighten up your look. The highlight coloring technique including partial highlights, piano color, balayage color, face-framing highlights(skunk stripe), baby lights etc.
          • Partial Highlights - Highlights are applied to specific sections of the hair, often on the top layer or around the crown. It will add dimension without a full commitment, less maintenance compared to full highlights, allows for versatility in styling. The popular color combinations like honey blonde highlights on medium brown hair, ash blonde highlights on dark brown hair, red highlights on black hair.
            SISDORE Highlight Deep Wave Human Hair Wear and Go Glueless Wig
          • Piano Color -  Piano hair color is a coloring technique that involves alternating strands of two or more contrasting colors, similar to the keys on a piano. This technique creates a striking and visually interesting look, as the colors are placed in a striped pattern, creating a harmonious blend. Such as dark brown with honey blonde color #4/27.
            4 27 piano highlight color straight human hair lace wigs
          • Balayage Color - Balayage is a hair coloring technique that incoperate hand-painting highlight colors throughout the hair surface, or add lowlights to better blend the hair, creating a sun-kissed look and natural gradient from top to bottom. The term "balayage" comes from the French word "balayer," which means "to sweep." This technique allows for a more natural, less uniform distribution of color compared to traditional highlights, resulting in a more blended and graduated look. Also adds dimention to the hair.
             balayage highlight human hair wig
          • Face-framing highlights - Also known as skunk stripe hair color which refers to a hair coloring technique that involves strategically placing highlights or lighter strands around the face to accentuate and brighten the facial features. This technique can be done with various hair colors and shades such as blonde streaks in front of black hair, pink streaks in front of brown / black hair... This creates a focal point that enhances the overall appearance of the hair and face. 
            Skunk Stripe 1B 27 Highlight Color Strawberry Honey Blonde Streaks In Front Straight Human Hair Wigs   
          • Baby-lights - Babylights are subtle highlights to finer sections of the hair and brighten up the look. It has a natural looking which adds soft dimension with low maintenance. The hair grows out gracefully.  Besides the baby-lights, there are ribbon lights and belt lights too, which have wider highlights compared to baby-lights.Babylights hair coloring technique   

        3. Ombre Color Hair / Sombre Color Hair

        • Ombre - Ombre hair color is a gradient effect where the hair color transitions from one shade at the roots to another at the ends (Two tone), making it a stylish and low-maintenance option.(Dark to light ombre, brown to blonde ombre)  This hair coloring technique usually means lighter hair with dark roots (The rooted hair color can be black or brown)
          short curly brown hair bob lace front wig with black roots T1b/30
        • Sombre - Also known as soft ombre, sombre gives subtle highlights than traditional ombre to blend darker and highlight colors seamlessly and naturally without harsh line and not too dramatic in contrast. You can embrace your natural hair while also enjoying the brightness of lightened hair. This technique also works to fix DIY mistakes futher down the hair or hair than is more grown out. Both
          Sombre hair coloring technique on blonde wigs

        Tap Root, Shadow Root, and Melt Root techniques belong to both ombre and sombre styles, depending on the contrast and blending used:

        • Tap Root: Small amount of natural root applied to roots and down about half an inch, creating a soft grow-out,keeping light hair as bright as possible. More aligned with ombre due to higher contrast and distinct transition. 
        • Shadow Root: A shadow root can cover or strech your grow-up natural root color which is applied to the root and down an inch or more. It can reduce harsh lines and adds depth and dimension. Shadow roots can be used in both ombre and sombre, but often aligns more with sombre due to the softer blend.
        • Melt Root: Melt roots blends further down from the crown than root-only methods, color melting creates a live-in deep-rooted look! It fits well with sombre because of the seamless, natural transition, but can also be used in ombre for a smooth gradient effect.

        4. Peekaboo Color Hair

        • Peekaboo hair color involves coloring the lower layers of hair in a contrasting or vibrant color that is hidden beneath the top layers of hair. So the color is only visible when the hair is moved, parted, or styled to reveal the hidden color. It offers a playful, versatile option for those looking to experiment with color without committing to a fully visible change.
          peekaboo bob wig 1b burgundy

            With these low-maintenance hair coloring techniques, you can enjoy a stunning and convenient look. Whether you prefer pure colors, subtle highlights, ombre or gradient effects, these options offer the perfect blend of style and ease. After reading this article, you'll be able to choose the right color for your human hair wigs, ensuring a flawless and hassle-free appearance every day.




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