What’s the Difference Between Sew-In and Quick Weave?

What’s the Difference Between Sew-In and Quick Weave?

The main differences between sew-in weave and quick weave are the installation method, installation speed, exposure of natural hair, how long it lasts, and overall cost. Here are the main differences between the two methods:

Installation Method:

  1. Sew-in: also known as a sew-in weave, the hair bundles are sewn onto a foundation created by braiding the natural hair. This method uses a needle and thread to secure the extensions to the braids.
  2. Quick Weave: The hair weaves are glued directly onto a wig cap that is placed over the natural hair. Some quick weaves also involve braiding the natural hair underneath the cap before gluing the extensions.


Installation Speed:

  1. Sew-in: Sew-ins typically take longer to install compared to quick weaves because of the braiding process and sewing of extensions.
  2. Quick Weave: Quick weaves are faster to install compared to sew-ins. They can be done relatively quickly, making them a convenient choice for those looking for a temporary hairstyle change.


Exposure of Natural Hair:

  1. Sew-in: A sew-in involves concealing all the natural hair beneath the hair weaves. There is no natural hair leave out.
  2. Quick Weave: A quick weave typically retains more of your natural hair because it is not braided like a sew-in braid. This allows more natural hair to be freely styled for variety and ease of styling. (You can also add lace closurein the front to match the sew-in weaves to make sure there is no natural hair leave out)


How long do a Sew-in and Quick Weave last?

  1. Sew-in: 
  • A well-done sew-in can last for 2-3 months.
  • The duration can be influenced by the quality of the hair extensions used. Higher-quality human hair weavestend to last longer than cheaper ones.
  • Proper care and maintenance, such as regular washing, conditioning, and avoiding excessive tension on the braids, can help extend the life of a sew-in.
  • It's important to have the sew-in professionally removed to avoid damaging the natural hair
  1. Quick Weave: 
  • Quick weaves are generally considered a temporary solution and may last 4-6 weeks.
  • The adhesive used for attachment can weaken over time, leading to quicker detachment of the extensions.
  • The duration of a quick weave can be influenced by factors such as how often you wash and style your hair and the quality of the wig cap used.


How Much do Sew-in and Quick Weave Cost?

  1. Sew-in: a sew-in weave can range from $100 to $500 or more, with some high-end salons charging even more. It's essential to get a price estimate from your chosen salon, as costs can vary significantly.
  2. Quick Weave: Quick weaves typically cost between $50 to $250 or more depending on the variables mentioned.


Sew-in Weave and Quick Weave, Which Method is Better?

The choice between a sew-in and a quick weave depends on personal preferences, the desired style, the duration for which the hairstyle is needed, and budget considerations. Sew-ins are known for their long-lasting coverage and protection, while quick weaves offer a faster, more affordable typically shorter-term solution.

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