Steps to apply and remove tape in hair extensions

Applying tape in hair extensions is a process that should be treated carefully to ensure that they are secure and long-lasting. The following are steps for applying and removing tape-in hair extensions:

Applying Tape-in Hair Extensions:

1● First, wash and dry your hair thoroughly. Make sure it is completely free of styling products, oils, or residues.

2● Divide the hair into several parts, using clips to separate each part.

3● Take a small portion of the hair and place it between the two hair extensions. The bonding surface of the hair extension should face downward, and the natural hair should be sandwiched between them.

4● Press the extension firmly onto your natural hair. Use a hair straightener or flat iron to heat the adhesive and ensure it adheres securely.

5● Repeat this process from the beginning until all tape extensions have been applied.

Removing Tape-in Hair Extensions:

1● To remove the tape in extension, apply a solution specifically designed for the brought in extension to the adhesive area. This solution dissolves the adhesive, allowing you to remove the extension easily.

2 Use a wide toothed comb to gently separate the hair from the extension.

3● Using your fingers, pull the extension apart, starting at the end and pulling upward.

4● After removing all extensions, thoroughly wash the hair to remove any residue from the adhesive.

5● Blow dry and set the hair as usual.

Note: It is recommended that you have a professional hairdresser attach and remove the tape in hair extensions for you to avoid the damage to your natural hair.

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