Differences Between Glueless Wigs and Traditional Wigs | SISDORE

Differences Between Glueless Wigs and Traditional Wigs | SISDORE

In recent years, wear and go glueless wigs have become a new trend in the wig world. People love them because they're easy to put on, don't need glue, protect your edge, and are just super beginner-friendly. Now, what makes them different from traditional lace wigs? Let's dig into glueless wigs VS traditional wigs, helping you in selecting the wig that suits you best!

Wear and Go Glueless Wigs

Glueless wigs, (also known as wear and go wigs, put on and go wigs, ready to wear wigs) the new trend in wig fashion, are hassle-free hair solutions that require no glue or gel, which can protect your edge. With the new 3D dome cap and adjustable strap, it can fit your head firmly! The glueless wig has no combs or clips which is easy to wear and gentle to your natural hair, they offer a quick and convenient way to change up your style effortlessly. The glueless wig usually has pre cut lace and pre-plucked, perfect for wig beginners or those who want to save time on wig installation. Remember to choose HD lace instead of transparent lace if you want a seamless hairline!

Wear and go glueless wig cap


Traditional Lace Wigs

On the flip side, traditional lace wigs will take more time to install. Traditional wig caps usually have 4 combs and 1 adjustable strap inside to secure the wig. You will also need to cut the front lace yourself based on your hairline. Glue is also required on the forehead to melt lace. Traditional lace wigs ask for professional skills, it's better to find a hairstylist to help you with the installation if you are new to wigs.

13x4 Lace Front Wig Cap


Spotting the Differences: Glueless Wigs vs. Traditional Wigs

  1. Installation Ease:

    • Glueless Wigs: Easy and hassle-free installation, wear and go in 30s 
    • Traditional Wigs: Installation may involve the use of adhesives, ensuring a secure and steadfast hold.
  2. Adhesive Presence:

    • Glueless Wigs: Adhesive-free design, promoting a comfortable and beginner-friendly experience.
    • Traditional Wigs: Often secured with adhesives, providing stability for intricate styling and long-term wear.
  3. Hairline Protection:

    • Glueless Wigs: Designed to be gentle on the hairline, reducing the risk of damage to your skin.
    • Traditional Wigs: Adhesive application allows for a customized fit, offering protection and stability.
  4. Beginners-Friendly Appeal:

    • Glueless Wigs: made for wig beginners, offering a quick and straightforward wearing experience.
    • Traditional Wigs: May require expertise in the adhesive application for optimal results, more suitable for those accustomed to wig wear.

In conclusion, the choice between wear and go glueless wigs and traditional lace wigs boils down to your preferences, lifestyle, and comfort level with wig application techniques. Whether you opt for the modern convenience of glueless wigs or the timeless allure of traditional wigs, understanding their unique attributes ensures a choice that resonates with your individual needs. Happy wig styling!

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